Featured Product: Western Red Cedar 5 inch Pickets

Western red cedar is regarded as one of the finest wooden fence material. Very rich and vibrant in its reddish color, this wood has many impressive qualities such as resistance to decay and insects, high dimensional stability and an easy-to-stain surface.

Not Your Standard Picket

If you’re looking into installing a wooden fence, western red cedar is a wonderful choice. However, it can only work if you can find it in the correct size picket for your property and preferences. Most retailers sell a standard 4 inch and 5-1/2 inch wooden picket. However, there is a big difference between the two, leaving some longing for more.

At America’s Fence Store, we understand the customer’s desire for alternatives and are one of the few retailers who offers a 5 inch picket option. These 5 inch pickets give customers more choices and customization for their fence.

Our western red cedar 5 inch pickets are dimensioned, which means their actual size is a little less than is listed. These pickets’ dimensions are actually 5/8″ x 5″ x 6′.

Superior Properties

The natural oils in cedar act as preservatives that help with insect and decay resistance. Western red cedar does not need any chemical treatments to build up its resistance, keeping these pickets safe and non-toxic. With a much smaller threat from rot and termites, western red cedar has an impressive utility life.

Western red cedar takes in and releases water regularly, which helps it avoid warping and shrinking. Fences made with this cedar are long-lasting and will remain looking good as new for years to come.

This cedar is known for its beauty, its warm red wood drawing in many. Western red cedar fences bring curbside appeal along with its other great benefits. This cedar is also very receptive to stains if you want to freshen it up as it ages.

A stack of western red cedar 5 inch pickets

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