Featured Product: CR20 Top Rail

If you’re looking for extra strength and a lighter weight in your chain link fence, look no further. Our CR20 .085 1-5/8″ x 21′ Top Rail was specifically engineered and designed for lightweight, industrial applications.A hexagonal-shaped bundle of CR20 top rail

Their cold rolled quality not only provides a lot of control over the shape and mold and a nicer finish to the steel, but also increases its strength and hardness. Compared to hot-dipped galvanized pipe, our CR20 Top Rails are up to 65 percent stronger and 20 percent lighter. These qualities make it perfect for commercial and industrial applications that also want to look nice and perform well.

Benefits of CR20 Top Rail:

  • Comparable in strength to Schedule 40.
  • Galvanized and clear coated exceeds hot dipped galvanizing in 1000 salt spray test.
  • Meets the requirements of ASTM 1043.

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