Featured Product: Bar Grating Panels

Aluminum bar grating panels near a parking garage structurePalmSHIELD now offers an additional type of security fencing. Their bar grating panels are made of aluminum and offer superior ventilation and visibility.

Bar grating panels consist of metal bars that run parallel to each other and crossbars that run perpendicular for stability. PalmSHIELD’s bar grating panels are swage locked, which is a lower cost alternative to pressed-locked grating and are just as strong. All of PalmSHIELD’s products utilize their proven picture frame system, engineered structural post design, Gorilla hinges, internal locking device and fully framed gates.

Benefits of Bar Grating Panels

  • Aluminum construction
    • Lightweight
    • Corrosion resistant
  • Strong enough for load-bearing applications
  • Great strength-to-weight ratio
  • Provides plenty of ventilation and lighting
  • Longer lasting than alternative materials
  • Allows excellent drainage as well as lack of debris build-up

To find out more information about aluminum bar grating or to get a free quote, visit PalmSHIELD today.

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