PalmSHIELD Helps Mission Dispensary Find Success in Allentown, PA

PalmSHIELD Louvers and ProMax Fence Solutions team up for Mission Dispensary

Dark grey PalmSHIELD horizontal louvers installed behind yellow traffic posts in front of Mission Dispensary in Allentown, PA

PalmSHIELD is proud to be part of the first medical marijuana dispensary in Allentown, PA. PalmSHIELD and their installation partner, ProMax Fence Systems, provided the dispensary’s mechanical equipment screening. The screening faces the front of the building and compliments its unique color accents and architecture.

ProMax Fence Systems of Reading, Pennsylvania, is a seasoned veteran when it comes to installing the PalmSHIELD horizontal louvered fence system. They have installed the PalmSHIELD product on previous projects. After seeing the finished installation, it quickly becomes apparent that ProMax Fence Systems does excellent work. All of the seams are tight and the system aligns level as the ground slopes away. ProMax installs and sets PalmSHIELD horizontal louvered fences as they were always intended to be. Congratulations to ProMax Fence Systems for doing an outstanding job.

This PalmSHIELD project utilized the Gorilla hinges and exclusive internal locking device. Standing at a tall 10 feet, there is a large set of double swing gates at the rear of the structure. These massive gates require serious hinges. PalmSHIELD’s Gorilla hinges utilize a butterfly design with half inch mounting plates with all the bolt holes pre-drilled and tapped.

PalmSHIELD is America’s leader in mechanical equipment screening, enclosures and walls with their unique, fully-framed panel designs and the industry’s largest louver. PalmSHIELD provides rooftop and self-standing system solutions. Every screen project is a custom project.

Visit PalmSHIELD today to learn more about what they can do for you or to look at some of their specs and CAD drawings for your own project.

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