PalmSHIELD Engineering Summary for Horizontal Louvers

Important Performance Design Critera Outputs and Design Criteria for Louvered Screening

The PalmSHIELD product loves to be poked and prodded by engineers. This system has been assessed many times to meet specific engineering and application requirements. PalmSHIELD also recognizes that not all projects require this level of manufacturing. Even so, the end user is going to want a guarantee of the design and capability of the system. PalmSHIELD is now providing engineering summaries for their most common heights and styles based on the previous engineering performed. These engineering summaries not only provide some assurance of performance but basic designs specific to post layout, louver spacing, etc. These are provided in hope that this information will be helpful to customers to complete their job layouts quickly and efficiently.



A. Structural calculations were prepared by the following structural engineering firm:

a. Rise Structural Associates

b. 101 Railroad Avenue

c. Harrisburg, South Dakota

d. Justin Christensen

e. Professional Engineer

f. South Dakota License # 11152

g. April 21, 2016

B. Structural calculations were prepared in consideration of:

a. Dana J. Dykhouse Stadium

b. Bookings, South Dakota

C. Structural calculations were prepared and delivered to:

a. American Fence Company of South Dakota

b. 47061 Charlotte Court

c. Tea, South Dakota


A. Risk category: 1

B. Wind speed: 90 mph

C. Importance factor: .87

D. Height of fence: 96”

E. Longest span: 40’

F. Pw: 22.16 psf

PART 3 – MATERIALS. The above performance criteria is based on the following material types.

A. Posts: 4” x 4” x 3/8” 6063-T6 Aluminum.

B. Panel framework: 3” x 3” x ¼” 6063-T6 Aluminum

C. Panel louvers 1/8” x 5” overall 6061 – T6 Aluminum

D. Panel intermediate supports 2” x ¼” bar 6063-T6 Aluminum

E. Post base plates 10” x 10” x ¾” bar 6061-T6 Aluminum

F. Post base plate gussets 2” x ¼” bar 6061-T6 Aluminum

G. Gate frames 4” x 2” x 1/8” rectangular tube 6063-T52 Aluminum

PART 4. – DESIGN CRITERIA The above performance criteria is based on the following critical design characteristics.

A. Posts not to exceed 64” o.c.

B. Panel height not to exceed 96”

C. Panel intermediate supports not to exceed 24” o.c.

D. Louvers to allow a 64% open area based on 3 ½” spacing and 2 ¼” opening.

E. Each post to receive 2 ea. gussets placed perpendicular to panel runs.


PalmSHIELD recognizes that every site has unique site conditions. The above engineering summary is not intended to represent form or fitness for any particular installation. The above engineering is for reference purposes only to demonstrate basic design criteria and performance characteristics. PalmSHIELD strongly recommends that every customer employ engineering within their jurisdiction specific to the installation and site conditions.

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