Sioux City has Access to the Top Fencing Resources

American Fence Company of Sioux City is a top provider for commercial fencing for mechanical equipment. Take a quick look through Sioux City and you will see evidence of our work all over. American Fence Company is the largest vendor of commercial fencing in Sioux City. Through their relationship with the American Fence Company corporate, they also have access to one of the country’s largest custom metals shops. American Fence Company of Sioux City is part of our nine-branch operation, which makes them one of the nation’s top ten largest fence contractors in the United States. One of these nine branches is a corporate operation, America’s Fence Store & PalmSHIELD, that provides custom metals products throughout the United States.

American Fence Company of Sioux City can handle all of your fencing needs, from anything as simple as a beautiful chain link or ornamental fence to something more decorative and ornate. We are excited to have our own physical location to fully service the fine people of Sioux City. Contact us today for any questions or your own free quote.

Privacy slats installed in a commercial chain link fence in Sioux City, IA

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