Sioux City’s Top Choice for Commercial Fence

American Fence Company provides commercial fencing for mechanical equipment. Take a quick tour around Sioux City and you will find our commercial fencing all around town. American Fence Company is the largest provider of commercial and industrial fencing in Sioux City, but were you aware our Sioux City branch is teamed up with our corporate headquarters? Along with eight other branches, American Fence Company of Sioux City has access to our full inventory, custom metals shop, buying power and much more. American Fence Company is one of the country’s top ten largest fence contractors and also includes America’s Fence Store & PalmSHIELD; a division that provides custom metals products throughout the United States.

Commercial Fencing Catered to You

We have the right solution for you whether you’re looking for a beautiful chain link fence or you are interested in something a bit more decorative, sophisticated or just plain fancy. We are very excited to have a physical location now in Sioux City, and would love to get you a free estimate today.

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