How to: Tips for Maintaining your Temporary Fencing

American Fence Rental has the solution for controlling access and securing your site. Since temporary fencing is a rental item, it is the responsibility of the party who rented the fence to maintain it. Below are some helpful tips for maintaining your temporary fence.

Helpful Temporary Fence Tips and Advice

  • During the spring and summer, weeds are growing up around and through your chain link fabric. Pulling weeds out of the materials is almost impossible. In some cases, we are better off to simply dispose of the fence materials and charge the customer for damaged materials. Contractors should mow and spray around the fence while it is installed. This will also improve visibility and discourage would-be thieves from hiding in the weeds.
  • Fence materials removed for access must be accounted for and stored onsite. Contractors are always removing and relocating temporary fencing. Be mindful to not let the materials walk off the site. It may be convenient to move a couple panels to another site but very costly. Rental firms do track the quantities installed and will bill you full retail price for any missing materials.
  • Temporary fence panel stands are typically weighted with sand. Check each day to make sure those sand bags and blocks are still firmly placed to hold down the stand. Sand bags will bust open and blocks will slide off. Under even moderate winds, a weighted temporary fence panel installation will blow over like dominos. Not only will this expose your site but it may cause considerable damage to parked cars and passing pedestrians.
  • Don’t bury materials. Grading contractors will grade right up to and over temporary fencing. It is not easy to pull out these materials when buried. The fabric will almost certainly need to be replaced as it does not stretch or spring back into place.

Always remember that while our temporary fencing is installed on your site, you are responsible for caring for it. If you are interested in any rental fence of your own, please feel free to contact us for your free estimate.

Temporary fence panels, posts and stands stretched across an asphalt parking lot, weighed down by sand bags

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