Charlemagne Screening: Functionality and Curb Appeal for Architects and Designers

When it comes to modern architecture, functionality alone is not enough: architects, designers, and engineers alike recognize the importance of boosting curb appeal. For this reason, they often come to PamlSHIELD for perforated screening, and Charlemagne screening is a quintessential type. Use it to hide unsightly or private areas of the building exterior, including dumpsters.

What’s great about PALMSHIELD’s Charlemagne perforated metal screening is that you have the option of choosing the hole size and spacing – so you can show as much or little of the backdrop you wish. You can also increase or decrease airflow as needed. Our expert team of fence fabricators can create fully framed, industrial-grade gates for access in screened areas, which is useful for dumpster areas, accessing mechanical equipment that must otherwise be kept safe/hidden from public view, courtyards, exercise yards, and more.

Perforated screening is available in the following patterns:

  • Round hole
  • Square hole
  • Hexagonal hole
  • Slotted hole
  • Decorative hole
  • Custom patterns based on your CAD or PDF

Material: Carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum mesh, or stainless steel
Thickness: .032” to .25”
Hole Size: 3/32” to 1”
Width: 48” to 60”. Will vary based on infill option.
Height: Up to 96”. Will vary based on infill option.
Post spacing. 48” to 60”. Will vary based on infill option.
Hole Size: 3/32” to 1”

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