Chain Link Fencing: Windscreen vs. Slats

Chain Link Fencing: Windscreen vs. Slats

A red windscreen installed on a chain link fence around an area of construction

To this day, chain link fencing remains the #1 choice for perimeter security at commercial and sporting venues. Intersecting diamond-shaped formations in the mesh provides strength and resilience while permitting airflow and visibility. This is great for calm days where you want to separate events from spectators. But for the occasional windy day, it’d be convenient to have a protective covering over your chain link fence panels. Here at American Fence Company, we offer coverage solutions in the form of chain link fencing slats and windscreens.


What are the advantages of windscreens and slats for chain link fencing?

Slats and windscreens come with their own advantages and disadvantages—to be discussed in this article—but provide the same general benefits:

  • Wind resistance. Having a barrier over your fence panels helps prevent wind from whipping through the chain link mesh and into your enclosed space. Sporting events benefit from coverage during a windy day.
  • Reduced visibility. So you’ve installed your chain link fence but decided you don’t want people seeing through the mesh, after all? Simply covering fence panels rather than replacing them retains the security while keeping out prying eyes.
  • Boosted aesthetics. While a high-quality chain link fence is beautiful in its own right, you can make your perimeter even more attractive with decorative coverings. Windscreens can be custom designed to display logos, brand colors, and advertising. Decorative slats give your fence a more fanciful appearance.


Windscreen for chain link fencing: advantages and disadvantages

Fashioned using mesh fabric, windscreen for chain link fences is a common application at stadiums, as it can be custom designed to showcase specific colors and images—including logos and sponsor advertising. Windscreen is also customizable in terms of density: with a spectrum of options ranging from solid to opaque.

Please note: windscreen is less durable than slats and thus has a shorter lifespan. For this reason, American Fence Company recommends windscreen as a temporary solution: for weekend sporting events, for seasonal games, for the occasional day where the wind’s just a little too strong.

Slats for chain link fencing: advantages and disadvantages

One of the advantages of using slats for chain link fencing is longevity: these barriers are fabricated using long-lasting materials such as wood, metal, and plastic. Slats are also designed to be installed through the actual weave of your chain link mesh—functioning as a permanent fixture of your fence. For these reasons, slats tend to cost more than windscreens, require more installation time, and—because of their permanent nature—aren’t as customizable. Slats are available in many colors and designs.

White slats woven through a barb wire chain link fence

Windscreens or slats: which should I use?

Having reviewed the respective advantages and disadvantages of windscreen vs. slats for chain link fencing, the next logical question is: Which one will work best for you? The answer depends on the needs of your individual fencing project. For a temporary, highly customizable solution—especially one that involves branding—you’ll find your money’s worth in windscreens. For a more permanent solution—one that doesn’t have as many decorative options but is longer lasting—slats are the recommended option.


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