HySecurity’s Installation of the Month Goes to: American Fence Company Lincoln!
American Fence Company has many specialties, one of which is all things gates. We have been in the business of repairing, maintaining and installing automatic gate and gate openers for over 50 years. We install and maintain thousands of gate operators and automatic gate systems every year, of vari [ more]
Buyer’s Guide to Choosing A Cantilever Sliding Gate
The goal of this article is to assist you in selecting your cantilever slide gate for your home, business or job site. We will review the different types of cantilever gates and all the factors that weigh into this decision. If you are looking for a gate, but aren’t sure that cantilever gates ar [ more]
PalmSHIELD hits the mark with vinyl solid screening
At American Fence Company we are excited about PalmSHIELD’s new architectural solid screening with the traditional PalmSHIELD framework and vinyl infill. This new solid screening product line partners with Ply Gem vinyl products, incorporating their Woodland Select Series Weathered Cedar tongue [ more]
Check out our new fence design: Contemporary Horizontal Plank Fence
Looking for that modern and contemporary appeal? Does your modern home need that modern complement? Do you draw inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright? American Fence Company is proud to announce our mixed materials horizontal plank fence. Our plank fencing is a simple, mixed materials desi [ more]
American Fence Company of Sioux City got a makeover
A newer and better Sioux City fence company American Fence Company of Sioux City’s facility is looking fresher and better than ever! Our building (located at 4700 South York Street, Sioux City, Iowa) just got brand new furniture, flooring and wall treatments. Not only does it look sparklin [ more]
PalmSHIELD Offers Screening Installation
Thinking about how to build your PalmSHIELD screen system? How about letting us build it for you. PalmSHIELD offers complete installation. Their installation division is ready to install your project. Their installation teams are ready to travel to you. They have many installation teams who [ more]
American Fence Company is Proud to Help Sioux City Grow
Sioux City is growing, and as such has now outgrown its Convention Center as it is, and needs some more options. Under the new management of Kinseth Hospitality Co., and is in the process of opening a five-story Courtyard by Marriot Hotel next door to the convention venue. This will also inc [ more]
Temporary construction fence for Sioux City now from American Fence Company
With this warm weather comes in increase in construction in Sioux City, which then causes an increase in the need for temporary construction fence. American Fence Company has the largest fencing materials inventory in the Midwest, so we have access to thousands of temporary fence panels ready to s [ more]
Blending a Dumpster Enclosure into your Property
Appearance standards have been popping up in cities like Sioux City all over the country in the last handful of years. These are being instated to make sure residential, commercial and industrial properties look the best they can for their communities. A few of the things that are regulated [ more]
American Fence Company provides commercial fencing for mechanical equipment. Take a quick tour around Sioux City and you will find our commercial fencing all around town. American Fence Company is the largest provider of commercial and industrial fencing in Sioux City, but were you aware our Sioux C [ more]
Sioux City has Access to the Top Fencing Resources
American Fence Company of Sioux City is a top provider for commercial fencing for mechanical equipment. Take a quick look through Sioux City and you will see evidence of our work all over. American Fence Company is the largest vendor of commercial fencing in Sioux City. Through their relationship wi [ more]
PalmSHIELD Architectural Solid Screening: Now in Vinyl and Composite
PalmSHIELD has announced that their solid architectural screening is now available in both a composite horizontal slat and a vinyl tongue & groove horizontal slat. These new options are great alternatives to PalmSHIELD’s popular aluminum horizontal slat system. PalmSHIELD’s solid architectur [ more]
Planning Guide For Selecting Mechanical Equipment Screening – Engineering Required
In our PalmSHIELD – Planning Guide For Selecting Mechanical Equipment Screening post from last April, we stated that designers should request the manufacturer calculate the wind loading or calculate it themselves. No matter how you come up with the answer, it is a costly and time consuming process [ more]
Sioux City is home of the newest American Fence Company branch
American Fence Company has a long and distinguished history in fencing that began over 50 years ago. We started out as just two men, a wheelbarrow, a pair of post hole diggers and a pickup truck in Omaha, Nebraska. Since those simpler times, American Fence Company has grown and expanded to encompass [ more]
Let American Landscape Company Design and Install your Landscaping
2018 has been a huge year for American Fence Company. Not only have we announced the launch of our new divisions American Playground Company and American Access Company, but now we’re also excited to tell you about our new division American Landscape Company! This new initiative has been spearh [ more]
This New Facility Fits Just Right America’s Fence Store has been growing upward and outward, and its building just can’t sustain it any longer. As of January 15, 2019, our corporate headquarters will be officially moved into this brand-new building at 12330 Cary Circle, La Vista Nebraska. [ more]
American Playground Company: Our newest and most exciting addition!
Big things are happening at American Fence Company! American Fence Company of South Dakota has gone on to a new venture and has launched American Playground Company. American Playground Company is a group of certified playground professionals working in our South Dakota branch toward the installatio [ more]
Important Performance Design Critera Outputs and Design Criteria for Louvered Screening The PalmSHIELD product loves to be poked and prodded by engineers. This system has been assessed many times to meet specific engineering and application requirements. PalmSHIELD also recognizes that not all pr [ more]
AmeriFence is Helping to Lend a Hand in Rebuilding Kansas City, MO
AmeriFence Corporation recently completed a project in the heart of Kansas City, MO. Located at 30th and Troost is home of the former Wonder Bakery. The original bakery, known as Campbell Baking, was built in 1915. Over time the bakery expanded to dominate the entire block. The facility housed a ste [ more]
American Fence Company partners with AFTEC for ultimate security
Electrical substations rest both within the interior of our largest communities and in the vastness of the open prairies.  Little is known about how this erector set of materials functions and the purpose each station performs.  Electrical substations do not generate power.  These substations div [ more]
American Fence Company of Iowa uses gate access control to keep strangers out
At American Fence Company of Iowa, they pride themselves on making access control easy a breeze. They understand the tremendous appeal of gaining access to your home or business with just the simple push of a button. With over 100 years of combined experience in gates, operators and access controls [ more]
The Nebraska State Fair and Husker Harvest Days find success with American Fence Company
American Fence is the preferred fence contractor for Grand Island, Hastings, Kearney, Norfolk, North Platte, Columbus, Western Kansas and all areas in between. Grand Island is the home of the Nebraska State Fair! Not only have architects, engineers and general contractors come to rely on American [ more]
American Fence Company of Lincoln is your top temporary fence provider
Temporary fence rental is a fast, efficient and economical way protecting your job site. Renting temporary fence through American Fence Company of Lincoln is a quick and easy process that guarantees that your site will be safely secured and ensures flexibility for your needs. American Fence offer [ more]
PalmSHIELD Helps Mission Dispensary Find Success in Allentown, PA
PalmSHIELD Louvers and ProMax Fence Solutions team up for Mission Dispensary PalmSHIELD is proud to be part of the first medical marijuana dispensary in Allentown, PA. PalmSHIELD and their installation partner, ProMax Fence Systems, provided the dispensary’s mechanical equipment screening. [ more]
Access Control: We’ve Got You Covered
Free exit loops, gate edge, card readers, key pads, photo eyes…What do they all mean? In times of old, when gate operators were about as sophisticated as a garage door opener from Sears, programming and maintaining them was a breeze. With current technology, gate operators and their access control [ more]
Proudly Introducing: American Access Company!
Welcome American Access Company!  a division of American Fence Company.  This new enterprise was established to focus solely on gate operator, barriers and access control systems.  It is a team of professionals trained by the manufactures to design, install and maintain your automated gate and ac [ more]
How do you properly prepare for your temporary fence installation? Having installed thousands of temporary construction fences, American Fence Company’s crews have sat idle at many job sites while the contractor frantically tried to figure out where to put his construction fence. We have also g [ more]
How to: Tips for Maintaining your Temporary Fencing
Temporary fencing is a rental item. Unlike permanent fencing, it is the responsibility of the party who rented the fence to maintain it. Below are some helpful tips for maintaining your temporary fence. Helpful Temporary Fence Tips and Advice During the spring and summer, weeds are growing [ more]
The Cloisters on the Platte is a faith-based retreat in Gretna, Nebraska that aims at helping guests reflect on their spirituality and life with meditation, prayer and gorgeous scenic views. American Fence Company is helping them set the stage for their peaceful and enriching weekend ahead. As ca [ more]
Figuring out how to select and specify vinyl coated chain link can be a little overwhelming. Why the confusion? It all stems from the gauge and coating type. Is it finished gauge or core wire gauge? According to ASTM 668, vinyl coated chain link is specified and ordered by the metallic core wire [ more]
PalmSHIELD’s Equipment Screening Compared to the Competition
Have you ever wondered if PalmSHIELD's equipment screening competitors are able to keep pace in quality and utility? Take a look at this comprehensive yet simple chart that will show you just how great PalmSHIELD is. [ more]
How to Layout an Outfield Fence
There are thousands of youth and community organizations each year that are interested in installing their own ball field fencing. When pencil hits paper to start laying out their field dimensions, they begin to scratch their heads. How do we get a greater distance from center field to home plate th [ more]
How To Use Quick Setting Grout For Fence Posts
Whether you are a first time fence installer or a seasoned professional, you will find some information in this article that you need to know. This "How To" guide will take you through the process, step-by-step, to use quick setting grout for fence posts. What you need to know when using fast set [ more]
Understanding Horizontal Cantilever Gate Trusses
What is a horizontal cantilever gate truss? It is a single plane truss very similar to a building truss. Relative to cantilever gates, it is a rigid frame made from smaller tubing. It may be integrated into the gate frame at time of fabrication or it can be a standalone truss with a complete frame t [ more]
American Fence Rental: Saving Des Moines from Inflatable Ducks
Once again, American Fence Company rises to meet its civic duty. American Fence Company’s temporary construction fence prevents the young but very large chick from tumbling to his peril along this City of Des Moines roadway. You can count on our temporary construction fence to not only protect you [ more]
PalmSHIELD – Planning Guide For  Selecting Mechanical Equipment Screening
How to Select your Mechanical Equipment Screening: A planning guide for assisting in design and selection of materials. The purpose of this guide is to provide an easy step-by-step process to help you decide when you may need mechanical equipment screening. Once you know there is a need, th [ more]
PalmSHIELD’s latest product design—Ajax diagonal louvers—has received quite a bit of interest from both designers and architects. They all want to know how they can include these contemporary diagonal louvers in their next mechanical patio rail, dumpster enclosure or equipment screen. PalmSHIE [ more]
Diagonal Louvers: New from PalmSHIELD
Looking for a more modern industrial fencing design? PalmSHIELD’s new Ajax diagonal louver panels provide a real striking appeal. When architects and designers are looking for a really unique design that may be the focal point; the Ajax design is perfect for enclosing outdoor cafés and patios. Th [ more]
Construction season has begun, and American Fence Rental is ready to fulfill your immediate site security needs. We have over 5,000 temporary fence panels in inventory, which equates to over 13 miles of temporary site security fence!  Standing ready for American Fence Rental are over 40 installatio [ more]
PalmSHIELD Releases New Product: Cable Railings
PalmSHIELD announces their exclusive architectural cable design. This design is a real architectural wonder for cable railing. PalmSHIELD utilizes a single cable design where the cable is attached at the top of the panel and then strewn back and forth over a series of spools to a final and single te [ more]
American Fence Company-Lincoln Knocks It Out of the Ball Park
The Lincoln, Nebraska branch of American Fence Company was featured in the city’s daily newspaper, the Lincoln Journal Star. AFC’s most recent project has been replacing all the netting in Wesleyan Field ahead of the seasons' first game. Nebraska Wesleyan University Prairie Wolves are going to d [ more]
Breaking Down the Differences: Yellow Pine vs White Pine
As anyone who has looked into installing a wood fence can tell you that there are several different types of wood you can choose from. Yellow pine and white pine are two of the most common and affordable options. White pine is a softwood with a low density and even grain. White pine is prone to d [ more]
America’s Fence Store Offers the Very Best Custom Metals Fabrication
Did you know that America’s Fence Store is one of the largest custom metals fabricators in the Midwest? With eight certified welders and over ten thousand square feet of fabrication area, they are capable of fabricating custom railings, gates and fencing. With a full complement of fabrication equi [ more]
PalmSHIELD Now Had Dumpster Enclosure Drawings PalmSHIELD is excited to announce the release of the CAD drawings for their standard dumpster enclosures. Their new standard dumpster enclosure drawings include layouts for 1, 2 and 3 dumpsters. Refuge dumpsters have a standard footprint, and solid w [ more]
PalmSHIELD announces new vertical louver option PalmSHIELD is excited to announce Achilles, their new vertical louver fence and screening system. Vertical louvers are popular for mechanical equipment enclosures and matching existing rooftop equipment screening designs. PalmSHIELD recognizes that m [ more]
Featured Product: Bar Grating Panels
PalmSHIELD now offers an additional type of security fencing. Their bar grating panels are made of aluminum and offer superior ventilation and visibility. Bar grating panels consist of metal bars that run parallel to each other and crossbars that run perpendicular for stability. PalmSHIELD’s ba [ more]
PalmSHIELD Keeps You Safe with Fire Exit Code Compliant Screen Doors
Did you know that PalmSHIELD mechanical equipment screening can be designed with code compliant fire exit doors and hardware? PalmSHIELD offers a wide range of leading life safety and security door hardware. From heavy duty exit devices to economical exit devices, exit alarms, external keying, acces [ more]
Featured Product: Aluminum Perforated Panels
Palmshield’s perforated panel screen systems are a type of security fencing that comes with a wide array of hole sizes and metal sheet thicknesses. This style of security fence allows a controllable amount of visibility and air flow. Perforated panels from Palmshield are made of aluminum, which [ more]
Success in Every Gate
America’s Fence Store proves that every gate is a success. Any large cantilever gate that is longer than sixty-five feet and has a mechanical splice is fully tested in their shop. This is not an easy task. As shown in the video below, each gate is supported with a series of lifts and blocks to rep [ more]
Comparing Windscreening and Slats for Chain Link Fence
If you’ve ever wanted some privacy or wind protection from your chain link fence, you should consider installing a windscreen or some slats. Both provide extra coverage on your chain link fence that can reduce visibility, increase aesthetics and block the wind. This can be beneficial for a range o [ more]
Featured Product: Green Treated Posts
America's Fence Store's green treated posts are made of white pine and are treated with the same ACQ2 treatment as yellow pine. It is designed to have a long service life and to stay in great condition for many years. White pine costs more than yellow pine but is also less likely to bow or twist. [ more]
PalmSHIELD Stands Proudly in Los Angeles
PalmSHIELD louvers is standing proudly in sunny Los Angeles. PalmSHIELD is proud to have been chosen by the City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power as their mechanical equipment closure. The City of Los Angeles has a tight set of requirements for their mechanical equipment louvered systems [ more]
Get Additional Security with a Lightweight, Low-Maintenance Aluminum Swing Gate
Could your property benefit from a driveway gate? How about a lightweight, easy to use swing gate that is both corrosion resistant and low maintenance? If so, then estate gate you’re looking for could be an aluminum swing gate. Swing gates are meant to be opened with only one arm. Aluminum is a [ more]
Featured Product: CR30 Top Rail
Build an industrial chain link fence that is not only sturdy and strong, but also lightweight. Our 1-5/8” x 21’ CR30 Top Rail is specifically designed and engineered for these types of industrial chain link applications. Since they are cold rolled, these pipes have increased hardness and stre [ more]
PalmSHIELD is excited to announce the addition of our new aluminum bar grating railing and fence panel system specifications and CAD drawings.  This information will make it easy and complete for architects and engineers to provide a complete set of specifications for bar grating panel systems.  P [ more]
Featuring: 4 foot Over Arch Cantilever Gate Our 4 foot tall over arch spear top gate is 4’ at its lowest point and slopes up to 4’ 6”. This gate has a 16 foot opening and is 24 feet long overall. With this gate, the first impression of your property will give off to a passersby or visitor w [ more]
Featured Product: CR20 Top Rail
If you’re looking for extra strength and a lighter weight in your chain link fence, look no further. Our CR20 .085 1-5/8" x 21' Top Rail was specifically engineered and designed for lightweight, industrial applications. Their cold rolled quality not only provides a lot of control over the shape [ more]
PalmSHIELD Square Mesh Panel System Specifications
Our team at PalmSHIELD is excited to announce that we have established a complete set of specifications and CAD drawings for our PalmSHIELD Square Mesh Panel System.  This information will make it easy for architects and engineers to provide a complete set of specifications for square mesh pan [ more]
We at PalmSHIELD are excited to announce that we have established a complete set of CAD drawings and specifications for our PalmSHIELD Perforated Aluminum Panel Screen System.  With this information, engineers and architects will find it much easier to provide a complete set of specifications for p [ more]
Over arch ornamental swing gates give your property security and personality
An over arch ornamental swing gate is ideal for someone who wants a beautiful, sophisticated gate that will protect their property and require little maintenance. An addition of an ornamental iron swing gate to a home or property brings a classy feel that can also increase your property value. Be [ more]
Featured Product: Universal Self-Closing Spring Hinge
Self-closing hinges are a very important gate feature. If you have any animals or small children you don’t want escaping as you’re going through your gate, you should consider installing one of these hinges. Hinges that utilize springs are referred to as self-closing hinges. These hinges are [ more]
Future High Security Fence Requirements
Today, high security is more than just a taller fence.  High security is vehicle restraint systems designed to stop 10,000 pound vehicles traveling at 30 mph plus within 1 meter of the system.  High security is ballistic restrictive screening systems that fragment small arms fire.  It’s sen [ more]
Add Beauty and Reliability to Your Home with an Over Arch Cantilever Gate
Whether you’re looking for an estate gate for your own home or as a security feature for another property, there are many reasons you should consider an over arch or arched cantilever gate. As America’s Gate is a custom gate manufacturer, you may select any size of opening. Your arch may reach a [ more]
Featured Product: Ranch Rails
Whether you live near a rural area or not, more than likely you know of those quaint fences that often border rural properties. These fences are usually made of wood or vinyl and have two or three rails, with lots of open space. This homey fence style is known as a ranch rail fence, or a split rail [ more]
The Benefits of Single Track and Double Track Cantilever Gates
Cantilever gates can be an asset to a home or business’s security. Different styles of cantilever gates have different uses and benefits. Two of the most common types of cantilever gate are single track and double track gates. Benefits of Each Style Single track cantilever gates are meant for [ more]
Featured Product: 6′ Vinyl Privacy Fence
A 6’ Vinyl Privacy Fence will give you the quiet, worry-free backyard you’ve always dreamed of. While keeping out curious gazes, these solid fences also cut down on noise pollution and keep unwanted guests and animals out, while keeping your pets and children in. With many different designs t [ more]
With a wide variety of holes sizes, percentage of open area, high strength-to-weight ratio and aesthetically pleasing, perforated metal sheet has endless applications such as enclosures, partitions, sign panels, guards, screens, and more.  PalmSHIELD has been using perforated metal in our ro [ more]
Aluminum Cantilever Gates: The Lightweight, Durable Option
Cantilever gates are easy to use gates that are space-efficient and long lasting. Our 20’ Opening (30’ overall) 6' tall Aluminum Cantilever Gate is very light, has protected rollers, is resistant to rust and is available at a very competitive price point. These gates are the safest gates on the [ more]
Featured Product: Stained Cedar-tone Fir Picket
Fir is a very strong, affordable wood that is perfect for fencing. America’s Fence Store has Stained Cedar-tone Fir pickets that will give you the consistent color and overall strength you’re looking for in your fence. Fir is resistant to bending and warping and holds nails and screws well [ more]
Overscallop Estate Gate: Safety and Style
Not much adds an air of prestige and class to a property like an estate gate. Estate gates—also known as driveway gates and drive gates—tend to be placed on a driveway to block or grant cars entrance. These gates are usually made of sturdy ornamental iron, which adds to the security and privacy [ more]
Featured Product: Western Red Cedar 5 inch Pickets
Western red cedar is regarded as one of the finest wooden fence material. Very rich and vibrant in its reddish color, this wood has many impressive qualities such as resistance to decay and insects, high dimensional stability and an easy-to-stain surface. Not Your Standard Picket If you're look [ more]
Featured Product: Flat Top Ornamental Iron
Fencing is not only a tool to ensure privacy and security, but also adds to the appeal and the personality of your home or business. It’s also an aspect of landscaping, which grooms the overall image of your property. Prefabricated ornamental iron is an elegant and aesthetically-appealing appro [ more]
Keep Your Kids Safe with Child-proof Pool Latches
Above having fun and cooling off, safety is the most important factor when it comes to swimming pools. Children adore swimming, but unfortunately the second leading cause of death for kids under age 5 is drowning. Most child drownings occur in a family’s, friend’s or relative’s pool. These [ more]
Whether you are going to install a new wood fence yourself or hire a contractor; you will have to decide on the type of wood you want to use.  Let’s start with the posts. Research what is available for species.  Today, there are several new species of wood fence posts available from your [ more]
Featured Product: Incense Cedar
Incense Cedar: The fencing material that can take it all and still stand tall Taking over Western Red Cedar, Incense Cedar is becoming one of the most used woods in the fencing industry. With its many great qualities and lower cost, it’s not hard to see why. Incense Cedar is native to forest [ more]
Over the weekend, I read a news report about a young child that suffered drowning related injuries.  This is a very sad event.  What makes it unusual is that the pool was closed for the summer.  The child was able to get under the cover.  Once in the pool, he was not able to get out due to the l [ more]
School Fencing Tips – Part Three
School fencing and gates are a big concern for parents and school staff.  This quickly became apparent upon the number of readers' comments I received with our first two blogs.  One of the most prevalent themes was the use and care of gates.  Many of the parents brought up some very valid concer [ more]
Following my blog on fencing at schools, a devote reader commented about her childhood on the playground.  The four foot tall chain link that separated the kids from the asphalt was as much part of the playground equipment as was the slide, swings and teeter-totter.  The chain link fence was home [ more]
Last Thursday morning, I sat in traffic behind a sea of yellow caterpillars.  All of them moving in different directions with heads bopping up and down inside.  School is back in session…I was reminded.  At the next stop light, I begin to drift away to an article I read  about a teacher who se [ more]
Every major storm that sweeps through your community will leave some damaged fencing.  Temporary fencing is always hit hard.  Because temporary fencing is just that, "temporary;" it is not set in concrete footings or permanently fixed.  Temporary fence panel systems are often anchored with sand b [ more]
Some more good advice for storm damaged fences
My neighbor now has new posts in his yard but is waiting on his fence contractor to come back and finish.  Yesterday, I had a knock on my door.  Standing in my door way was Bob, my neighbor.  “I hate to ask but do you know how to reach my fence contractor?” Bob said with a little despair.   [ more]
If you read my previous blog, I have an update on my neighbor.  I witnessed him yesterday digging out his old footings.  As I strolled by on my four wheeler, he wiped his brow with a rag and gave me a thumbs up.  He was soaked head to toe in sweat.  Lesson learned…leave those posts attached to [ more]
Storm Damaged Fence Advice
It is thunderstorm season in the Midwest which typically leaves us with a great deal of damaged fence.  Just recently, a large storm moved through the area and left my neighbor with his wood fence blown over.   A handful of the wood fence panels and posts where flattened where shear winds made th [ more]
Would be thieves don’t want to make a scene at your front door.  They want to sneak around to the back of your house, through your gate and into the basement or patio door.  By the time they reach the back door; they are committed.  They know that they may have crossed that threshold of no retu [ more]
Home Runs Will Vary – How to determine the circumference of an outfield fence
Never assume you know where to layout the circumference of an outfield fence.  American Fence Company has installed thousands of baseball and softball fields.  We have come to understand that there is no constant in the overall layout. From diagram 1.04, it illustrates the circumference is ta [ more]
When the situation fits, an automated gate operator is a great idea. But are there situations where maybe an automated gate is not ideal? American Fence Company sells hundreds of gate operators and access control systems every year.  These sales and installs are split between residential and com [ more]
Vertical pivot lift gates are the “no gap allowed” solution.
Do you need the ultimate solution in removing any gaps at the bottom of your gate?  Do you not have the storage space for a rolling, cantilever or swing gate?  Your solution may be a vertical pivot gate. Vertical pivot gates are lite weight gates that operate on a single pivot point that is loc [ more]
Cantilever Gates – No sweeping concerns
Cantilever gates are the most popular choice for automated gates.  A cantilever gate is suspended above the ground thus there is no concerns regarding terrain, road conditions or adverse weather.  The gates upper and lower guide wheels guide the gate through the opening.  Unlike the sweeping effe [ more]
PalmSHIELD has been engineered to meet the category one 90 mph wind load requirement for an architectural louvered screen system.    Though we do not provide generalized engineered stamped drawings; we do review our engineering to assure that our design will meet designed load requirements relati [ more]
A rolling slide gate is a type of slide gate.  American Fence Company's most popular slide gate is a cantilever gate.  A typical cantilever slide gate uses sealed bearing rollers that are fastened to  four inch diameter support posts with no wheels touching the ground.  The cantilever slide gat [ more]
Many a customers have said after their fence was installed, “I wish I would have gone with a …..gate instead.”   American Fence Company staff are professionals within the fence industry.  As the professionals, we are obligated to point out the features, benefits and liabilities of each type [ more]
Pre-Stained Fence Pickets & Rails Is A Hit!!
American Fence Company is excited to share with our customers the new Cedar tone stained Fir pickets and rails.  American Fence Company has been using the White Fir fence pickets and rails for eight years.  These pickets and rails have a fantastic track record with us of standing the test of years [ more]
Your temporary construction fence should be your first line of defense at your construction site or event. Not only does it aid in keeping materials and tool safe; it keeps potential lawsuits from curious trespassers out.  Construction sites are dangerous, especially in the dark.  It is easy for o [ more]
Incense Cedar fence pickets, rails and posts are one of the most durable and decay-resistant of native American woods.  It is produced from a forest tree found in California, southern Oregon and western Nevada. Incense Cedar is generally known in the lumber industry as one of the twelve woods of th [ more]
Drive to any of our fully staffed facilities in Omaha, Lincoln, Grand Island, Nebraska; Kansas City, Kansas; Sioux Falls, South Dakota Des Moines, Iowa and Rochester, Minnesota and pick-up temporary fence panels, posts, stands and sand bags today for your event tomorrow.  American Fence Rental inve [ more]
Drive to any of our fully staffed facilities in Omaha, Lincoln, Grand Island, Nebraska; Kansas City, Kansas; Sioux Falls, South Dakota Des Moines, Iowa and Rochester, Minnesota and pick-up temporary fence panels, posts, stands and sand bags today for your event tomorrow.  American Fence Rental inve [ more]
Jobsite thefts of tools, equipment and materials continues to be an issue plaguing the construction industry. Unsecured construction sites are easy targets for thieves, especially those lacking adequate security measures. Heavy equipment, power and hand tools and materials such as copper are the mos [ more]
What are the benefits of using pre-stained pickets, rails and posts?
What are the benefits of using pre-stained pickets, rails and posts? It must be said at the beginning of this piece…there is no substitute for using pre-stained fence boards.  These are wood pickets, rails and posts that are stained by the mill, packaged and shipped to your local DIY store.  [ more]
Did you know that we are in Kearney Nebraska?  Check us out at [ more]
Brand your company and brand your site with rental construction fence wind screening.  For less than two dollars per square foot, you can conceal valuable project materials and promote your company and project name.  The best part is that you can use this screening on this temporary fence project [ more]
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