Get Additional Security with a Lightweight, Low-Maintenance Aluminum Swing Gate

An aluminum swing gate situated near the side of a houseCould your property benefit from a driveway gate? How about a lightweight, easy to use swing gate that is both corrosion resistant and low maintenance? If so, then estate gate you’re looking for could be an aluminum swing gate.

Swing gates are meant to be opened with only one arm. Aluminum is a very light metal so these gates are especially easy to open. Swing gates are the most popular driveway gate, and come at a more affordable price than other styles.

Aluminum swing gate benefits:

  • Affordable price point
  • Lower maintenance than sliding gates
  • Natural corrosion resistance
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Effortless movement

If you’re considering installing a swing gate, make sure that your driveway is mostly level. Swing gates cannot open up a slope, so if you have any tilt to your property make sure the swing gate could open downhill. Try to install it so the gate leaves open toward your house, not the street. This will prevent cars from needing to back up into the street to avoid getting dinged by your gate.

Aluminum swing gates can be mill finish aluminum or color coated with polyester powder. If you would like it powder coated, the gate and all accessories will be sand blasted or treated chemically to ensure proper coating adherence. America’s Gate Company is a custom gates manufacturer and can help you created a gate to best suit your property. Visit America’s Gate today to get started creating your dream gate.

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