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American Fence Company is the Midwest’s fence supplier and contractor of choice. For over 50 years, we have been serving the Midwest in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas operating as AmeriFence Corporation, Minnesota and South Dakota, but you can also find our projects nationwide.

We are the leading residential and commercial fence contractor in our service area. Along with our fence expertise, we also have multiple divisions to cover every part of your project:

American Fence Company is equipped with a vast inventory and a custom metals shop. We are capable of creating the perfect fence and gate for your project. Reach out today to learn more about our easy financing and get a free estimate.



Homeowners across the nation turn to American Fence Company for all their residential fence needs. Browse our selection of materials—vinyl, wood, ornamental, custom ornamental, and chain link—and pick out the fence design best suited for your yard. The ideal residential fence lends a sense of security while aesthetically complementing your home’s exterior. We have all the materials and installation expertise needed to tackle projects of all kinds—from solid privacy vinyl fencing to chain link perimeters preventing children and pets from leaving the yard.


As the #1 commercial fence contractor in the Midwest, American Fence Company serves a broad clientele that includes airports, restaurants, substations, military bases, and sporting venues. Whether your company needs fencing for scenic or security purposes—or both!—we have all the materials and installation expertise needed for your project. American Fence Company’s commercial services also include the installation of high-security fencing, vehicle barrier systems, architectural screening, and specialty products such as gazebos and pergolas.

Material Sales

When building a new fence or making repairs to an existing one, it is essential to work with contractor-grade materials. American Fence Company stockpiles more than 18 acres of high-quality wood, vinyl, chain link, and ornamental steel—the largest fence materials inventory in the Midwest! All of our materials are purchased from reputable vendors at the best prices, resulting in savings that we then pass on to our customers. Whether you’re a professional contractor or an ambitious DIY homeowner, you can rely on us to deliver the dependable, long-lasting materials needed for your fence project.

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    Residential Products


    Vinyl fencing is among the most common fence types, and for good reason. Beautiful and built to last, its resilience to fading, cracking, and peeling means you’ll spend more time enjoying your fence rather than maintaining it.


    American Fence Company’s diverse options on wood fence materials—pine, fir, and cedar—provide both the affordability and aesthetic appeal of the fine wood grains. Contact us today for professional wood fence design, installation, and repair.


    Fence panels under our prefabricated ornamental line, American Ornamental, are rust-resistant and built to last. Choose between two different decorative fashions—spear top and flat top—and heights ranging from 3-6.’

    Custom Ornamental

    American Fence Company’s custom ornamental fence panels are assembled in a top-caliber facility that handles everything from fabrication to coating. Design the fence with our team. We don’t start making the fence until you give your approval on the design.

    Automated Gates

    Automated gates for homeowners in the Midwest. Boosted security and ease of access wrapped into one super reliable product. Dictate who has authorized entry to your home with top-notch access control devices.


    Customizable railings, with vast adornment options—spears, medallions, scepters, etc.—to choose from. You will not find a more qualified railing fabrication company in the Midwest.


    Gazebos, arbors, pergolas, custom mailboxes—all made according to the exact needs of the customer.

    Commercial Products


    Commercial vinyl fencing helps boost curb appeal, making your business more inviting and attractive to customers. Enhanced durability means you’ll get your money’s worth and spend less time performing fence maintenance.


    With numerous options on wood—pine, fir, and cedar—American Fence Company designs and installs high-quality fencing for commercial applications of all kinds. We possess the largest stockpile of wood fence materials in the Midwest.


    Our prefabricated ornamental fencing line, American Ornamental, includes many options on design and height. Visually appealing, our prefabricated ornamental fencing is also resistant to rust and built to last.

    Custom Ornamental

    Put together in a state-of-the-art facility equipped to handle design, fabrication, and coating, American Fence Company’s custom ornamental fencing combines beauty and security into one elegant product.

    Sports Fencing

    Baseball field fencing, tennis court fencing, backstops—no matter the kind of sports fencing you need, American Fence Company is here to help with design, installation, and maintenance.

    Woven & Welded

    PalmSHIELD’s wire mesh is an attractive alternative to chain link fencing for architectural scenarios. Visibility, aesthetics, and security combined into a single elegant product.


    American Fence Company’s architectural screening division PalmSHIELD designs, manufactures, installs, and maintains the best louvered systems in the United States. Frequently requested by architects and engineers.


    A necessity for airports, data centers, and power plants. K-rated vehicle restraint systems are designed to stop fast-moving automobile threats—protecting facilities, employees, and clients.

    High Security

    Ideal for prisons, government buildings, military bases, and nuclear power plants—American Fence Company’s high security options include impervious fencing and razor-sharp concertina wire.


    As the #1 gate contractor in the Midwest, we take pride in personally supervising gate assembly—from design to fabrication to installation. Our gates are fabricated using top-notch materials and installed by certified industry professionals.


    As the #1 railing company in the American Midwest, we offer custom design options: you work directly with our design team to produce railings that meet local codes and match your property’s aesthetic. Customize with numerous materials and design features (medallions, scepters, globes, etc.).

    Specialty Products

    If you need specialty products—such as gazebos for your community park—look no further! American Fence Company’s custom design process means you collaborate with our in-house experts to perfect the look of your specialty product. Whether you need a gazebo or an arbor or a pergola, we can make your vision a reality.

    Our Process Delivers Best-in-Class Fences

    Global Purchasing Power

    American Fence Company purchases top-notch fence materials from reputable vendors around the globe, each year importing hundreds of truckloads and train carloads of vinyl, wood, and steel. Our tremendous buying power guarantees us the best pricing, resulting in savings that we pass on to our customers.

    Exclusive Ornamental Product

    As the Midwest’s #1 fence contractor, we manage our own line of prefabricated ornamental fencing. American Ornamental is a cost-competitive alternative to name brands on the market.

    Manufacturing Division

    American Fence Company’s in-house manufacturing division allows us to tackle a broader variety of fence projects. In addition to the Midwest’s top fence contractor, we are also the company of choice for custom metals.


    Safety is one of American Fence Company’s most valued policies. Over the last 55+ years, we have formulated industry-specific safety practices and equipment certification programs, which our employees are required to master and follow. Our dedication’s earned us five consecutive years of reduced MOD rates, and we presently hold a rating of 0.73—significantly better than the industry average of 1.1.

    Professional Team

    American Fence Company employs 40+ hard-working fence installation teams nationwide, whom we’ve rewarded over the years with increased wages, multiple benefits packages, and additional PTO.

    Size Matters

    American Fence Company employs 300+ people across 10 branches in the Midwest. Our handiwork’s been delivered to and installed in every state of the continental U.S.



    PalmSHIELD Architectural Screening

    As the industry leader in architectural and mechanical screening, PalmSHIELD designs and engineers screening for rooftops, architectural venues, mechanical screens, and dumpster enclosures. Our fully engineered louvered panels have surged in popularity over the years and installed across the continental U.S.


    America’s Gate Company

    For 55+ years, America’s Gate Company has reigned as the nation’s top contractor for gate design, gate fabrication, and gate installation. Employing computer-aided designers as well as certified welding professionals—working out of eight fabrication facilities—we deliver high-quality gates in both the ready-made and custom fabricated variety.


    American Fence Rental

    The Midwest’s #1 competitive temporary fence provider, American Fence Rental serves thousands of customers nationwide, our inventory encompassing rental fence fabric, temporary fence panels, posts, and barricades. Having served concerts, weddings, disaster relief areas, etc. for 55+ years, our staff has been trained to devise rental fencing solutions of all kinds, including customized temp fencing.


    American Playground Company

    When it comes to playground design and installation, American Playground Company is the contractor of choice. Our team is staffed by professional planners, installers, and inspectors with decades’ experience between them. We will work with you directly so that the playground we install is the one you need.


    IronShield Coatings

    With access to one of the largest powder coating ovens in the nation, American Fence Company provides high-end coating to projects of all kinds—from industrial facilities to automobile collectors looking to add customized rims to their hotrod. Our coating can be applied in a single all-over or with several colors to yield a specific design.


    American Access Company

    Our automated gate division, American Access Company, specializes in access control for residential and commercial properties. This division handles installation, repairs, and maintenance. We also sell the accessories allowing you to dictate who has authorized entry to your home or business. Browse our selection of slide gates, swing gates, cantilever gates, and barrier arms.


    Custom Metals

    For 55+ years, our division Custom Metals has designed, engineered, and manufactured gates, railings, and screening for clients that include NASA, SpaceX, MGM Casino, Tesla, and the College World Series Ballpark. Custom Metals’ manufacturing is performed in a 92,000 square foot facility whose services include media blasting, metals manufacturing, wet coat application, and powder coating.


    America's Drilling Company

    America’s Drilling Company is a full service drilling contractor providing superior geotechnical services such as rock core drilling, mud rotary, soil sampling, and monitoring well installation. Each project is carried out safely and according to schedule — using state of the art technology and highly trained personnel. Our dedication to safety and efficiency has earned us the status as the #1 drilling company in the Midwest!