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Looking for a reputable fence contractor to install high-quality residential fencing around your property? Whether you need solid privacy fencing—the kind that permits no visibility—fashioned from pristine vinyl, a wood picket fence that’s elegant and inviting, a newly fabricated chain link fence (or anything in between), the team here at American Fence Company has you covered! With 55+ years’ experience in fence design and installation, we specialize in residential fencing in the following materials: vinyl, wood, ornamental steel, and chain link.

Residential Services

Fence Installation

American Fence Company’s installation team consists of certified industry professionals who know their craft inside and out. What’s more, our company manages warehouses scattered across the Midwest, with more than 100,000 square feet of materials between them. The combination of top-notch materials and expertise means we can craft high-quality fence panels of all kinds—both pre-designed and custom.

Material Sales

High-quality materials are essential in building high-quality fence panels. Whether you’re a professional fence contractor or an ambitious DIY homeowner wanting to install a chain link perimeter around your house, you’ll need materials from a reputable contractor—ideally at an affordable price. If this is you, look no further! American Fence Company sells fence materials from its many stockpiles wholesale to the public, having acquired them from long-lasting relationships with vendors around the globe. Our tremendous buying power allows us to purchase materials at the best possible prices, resulting in savings that we pass on to our wholesale customers.

Residential Products


  • Vast selection of vinyl fence panel colors & styles
  • Durable, long-lasting vinyl fence materials
  • Low maintenance on vinyl fencing


  • Plentiful options of wood fence types
  • Inviting, welcoming appearance through fence panels
  • Choose from a vast selection of wood fence styles


  • Top-tier prefabricated ornamental fencing
  • Elegant, attractive fence panels
  • Numerous options on ornamental picket and rail styles

Custom Ornamental

  • Fencing designed to accommodate your needs
  • Design a unique, one of a kind fence
  • Top-notch fence fabrication & coats

Automated Gates

  • Secure entry for your home
  • Top-notch automated gate systems
  • Automated gate installation, maintenance, & repair


  • Custom-made to your specifications
  • Ornamental & vinyl railing styles
  • Broad selection on railing adornments


  • Gazebos, pergolas, arbors, arches, and more
  • Material options: vinyl, wood, and metal
  • Custom-made to your specifications


With 55+ years’ experience designing, fabricating, and installing fences nationwide, American Fence Company employs certified industry professionals who know their industry inside and out. As a result, we understand what homeowners expect of us when we’re hired to install residential fencing. Homeowners have a vision for their fence that will help safeguard their property – whether made of wood, vinyl, chain link, or ornamental steel, it needs to match and distinguish their house’s exterior. Our team listens carefully to customer needs and specifications and will collaborate closely with you to deliver a fence you’ll be proud to call your own.


Part of what distinguishes us from other fence companies is the system through which we establish trust with our customers. The process begins with a visit to your home, where we’ll meet with you to discuss your specific fencing needs. Once we receive a clear picture of your ideal fence, we’ll walk the yard and take measurements. From here, a price will be provided and our team will maintain constant communication as the fence installation process begins.

Before installation begins, our staff will provide 1) intricately detailed drawings representing the completed fence’s critical dimensions 2) a checklist to help us prepare to work with you 3) a professional survey of your property. American Fence Company recognizes the importance of respecting and accommodating customers’ schedules. We will work with you and keep you informed regarding: the staking of your yard, utility locates, the setting of fence posts, and the actual fence installation. In short: you’ll be kept in the loop on your fence project from start to finish.


As the leading fence contractor in the Midwest, American Fence Company has established lasting partnerships with reputable vendors around the globe. Thanks to these relations and our tremendous buying power, each year we acquire hundreds of truckloads and train carloads of fence materials (vinyl, wood, chain link, steel, etc.) at the best possible prices. The resultant savings we then pass onto our customers, providing materials superior to that stocked at the big box stores—and for affordable prices!


To say that fences—being outdoors installations—are perpetually exposed to the elements is an understatement. 24/7 subjugation to wind, rain, snow, sunbeams, etc. may occasionally result in some wear and tear. While no fence is 100% indestructible, American Fence Company takes pride in constructing products to the most resilient degree possible. What’s more, we offer premier fence repair and maintenance services. Having been in the business 55+ years, we value our customers’ trust and obligate ourselves to give them peace of mind after their fence is complete.