Top Rated Secured Access Contractors

When it comes to commercial fencing contractors, American Fence Company is the Midwest’s #1 choice! Whether you need perimeter security or an attractive fence to make your business more inviting to customers, our highly trained designers, fabricators, and installers will carry out the job with skill and precision. Choose from various fencing styles—or work with our design team to create one of your own—and an assortment of material options (vinyl, wood, ornamental steel, chain link, etc.). With more than 50 years’ experience, we’ve serviced a vast clientele that includes airports, recreational parks, data centers, substations, prisons, and construction sites. This diversity is just one of many reasons we’ve been named the top fence contractor in the Midwest.

Commercial Fencing Services

Fence Installation

American Fence Company’s designers, installers, and fabricators are certified to handle all your commercial fencing needs. In addition to undergoing rigorous industry-specific training, our staff constructs products using the highest quality materials available.

Material Sales

Between our numerous warehouses across the Midwest, American Fence Company possesses 18+ acres (more than 100,000 square feet) of high-quality fencing materials (vinyl, wood, chain link, ornamental steel, etc.). Contractors and DIY homeowners come to us when they need materials for fence construction projects.

Commercial Products


  • Vast selection of vinyl fence panel colors & styles
  • Durable, long-lasting vinyl fence materials
  • Low maintenance on vinyl fencing


  • Plentiful options of wood fence types
  • Inviting, welcoming appearance through fence panels
  • Choose from a vast selection of wood fence styles


  • Top-tier prefabricated ornamental fencing
  • Elegant, attractive fence panels
  • Numerous options on ornamental picket and rail styles

Custom Ornamental

  • Fencing designed to accommodate your needs
  • Design a unique, one of a kind fence
  • Top-notch fence fabrication & coats

Sports Fencing

  • Sports-grade fencing material
  • Vast selection of sporting fence types
  • Court fencing, pool fences, backstops

Woven & Welded

  • Unobstructed visibility, aesthetics, and security
  • Attractive & appealing
  • Variety of available patterns


  • Superior air flow & ventilation
  • Controllable degrees of visibility
  • Rigid picture frame design


  • Stops fast-moving vehicles
  • Ideal for facilities with high security needs
  • Bollards, barrier arms, and wedges

High Security

  • Certified high security installation team
  • Code compliant materials
  • Fencing, barriers, & gates


  • Vinyl, wood & ornamental
  • Slide, swing & pedestrian gates
  • Automated or manual options


  • Custom-made to your specifications
  • Ornamental & vinyl railing styles
  • Broad selection on railing adornments

Specialty Products

  • Gazebos, pergolas, arbors, arches, and more
  • Material options: vinyl, wood, and metal
  • Custom-made to your specifications


Here at American Fence Company, we believe commercial fence installation belongs in the hands of trained industry professionals. For this reason, we created our own Fence Certification Program, consisting of 18 lessons, which all of our installers are required to take. That’s in addition to additional training (provided through four different all-day events) and annual recertification. Our company also sponsors tech certification programs and continued learning options in access control.


We recognize and respect that good communication is essential to achieving customer satisfaction. For this reason, our project managers actively keep clients in the loop as their fence projects are underway. This includes updates regarding preparatory work—such as utility locates—in addition to progress on the actual fence installation. To keep customers fully informed, our managers also maintain close communication with sales and supervisory staff through a sophisticated CRM system.


Safety ranks among our topmost priorities here at American Fence Company. In addition to following industry-specific safety practices, we have created a robust program designed to help prevent job-related accidents and injuries. Managed by our corporate safety director and local branch safety directors, this program consists of more than a dozen equipment certifications and best practices. Our commercial fence installers are certified in OSHA, CPR, and First Aid.


One of the nation’s 10 largest contractors, American Fence Company has been an industry leader for 55+ years, our core achievements including high security installations, access control, engineered custom metals, and vehicle crash barriers.


As one of the nation’s topmost fence contractors, American Fence Company has installed fences, specialty products, architectural screening, gates, and more on all of the continental states. Our commercial clients include substations, power plants, military bases, airports, restaurants, and data centers.


  • Size matters. American Fence Company presently employs 300+ people across eight divisions and twelve Midwest branches, and our products have been installed/delivered in each of the continental states.
  • Strict safety program. Our unique multi-prong approach consists of numerous industry-specific practices and certification programs. American Fence Company’s installation crews are required to meet the highest safety standards that include 30-hour training sessions and CDL. Our commitment to safety has earned us five consecutive years of reduced MOD rates and we currently maintain a rating of 0.73, which is significantly better than the industry average of 1.1.
  • Our spacious wheelhouse. We don’t merely specialize in fences. Our expertise also includes custom metals, architectural screening, gates, automated gates, gazebos, pergolas, hydraulic wedges, bollards, crash rated barrier systems, and more!
  • Multiple divisions. As mentioned above, American Fence Company handles more than just fence projects, thanks to our many divisions. American Access Company takes on projects regarding automated gates. American Fence Rental offers temporary fence solutions. PalmSHIELD is the nation’s leader in architectural screening. And for play areas in the United States, look no further than American Playground Company.
  • Dedicated team members. American Fence Company presently employs more than 40 installation crews nationwide. Our staff consists of dedicated, hard-working professionals—and we believe in rewarding them for their efforts, with increased wages, multiple benefits packages, and additional PTO.
  • Advanced CRM software. Our CRM software is constantly being updated with new modules for boosted efficiency.