New from PalmSHIELD: Sampson Commercial Swing Gate

American Fence Company is a proud vendor of PalmSHIELD and their architectural screening solution. We are now proudly offering PalmSHIELD’s new product: the Sampson Commercial Swing Gate. The Sampson Commercial Swing Gate is a unique swing gate that utilizes a hollow U-shaped tube for a frame that offers both stability and security.

PalmSHIELD's new Sampson Commercial Swing Gate with a hollow U-shaped tube frame

Infill Options

  • Mini louver
  • Aluminum semi-private
  • Element
  • Composite solid screen
  • Vinyl solid screen
  • Aluminum solid screen


  • Frame: 3” x 2” Structural hollow U-shape tube.
  • Heights: Standard heights are 6’, 8’, & 10’. However, PalmSHIELD offers unlimited heights sizes based on their engineering.
  • Widths: Standard widths are 10’, 12’, 16’ & 20’. However, PalmSHIELD offers unlimited opening sizes based on their engineering.

Contact a PalmSHIELD project manager to find out more about the Sampson Commercial Swing Gate and how it can fit into your project.

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