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American Fence Company is the Midwest’s largest fence materials retailer. We are your #1 choice for fence materials. Why are so many others choosing us for DIY projects, contractor sales and wholesale supply?

customer service

Customer Service
Every American Fence Company location has a material sales staff dedicated to our customers. Our professional estimators start by discussing with you the wide array of fence types and styles. We will evaluate your project layout and listen to your needs and ideas.

Once you have selected your fence style, we will provide you with a complete and comprehensive material breakdown. When you are ready to start your project, we will provide you with the most competitive pricing and have your materials ready, often within as little as 24 hours.

Expert consultation

Expert Consultation
Did you know that there are literally hundreds of different fence types, designs and color options available? While this may seem intimidating, we have the tools and knowledge to make your buying experience easy. Our extensive library of fence photos and style drawings are available online, 24/7, ready when you are. Stop-in, email or call us and we will be happy to walk you through all of these different options and show you actual materials samples and displays.

American Fence Company is the Midwest’s leader in fence installations and experts in the fence industry. Our team is capable of interpreting specifications and selecting the right materials for any job.

Online Sales

Online Sales
Visit us at Our online fence store features the most thorough and authoritative fence installation and material selection “howto” you can find on the web while allowing you to purchase everything you need through the convenience of your web browser. Our site is designed to assist you in selecting your perfect fence, starting with general fence types then drilling down into specific styles, heights and colors. When you find your perfect fence, we provide you with a photo, style drawing and list of materials.

Once you have everything you need for your fence, we make it easy to complete your purchase. Not sure about your layout or have questions? No problem! Use our “Request a Quote” form or give us a call at (844) 401-8447.

Looking for fence parts to repair or modify an existing fence? Our online store features an easy “Shop by Fence Parts” option, complete with photos, drawings, and descriptions to ensure you found the correct part. Simply “add to cart” and complete your purchase.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping / Delivery
American Fence Company prides ourselves on being able to ship and deliver our goods to you efficiently and effectively. We have invested a great deal of time into designing our packaging and handling methods which allows us to professionally ship your entire fence at a very minimal cost.

Full orders are grouped into smaller packs that allow you to easily hand carry. These small packs are combined, palletized and shrink wrapped. Smaller orders are boxed or bagged, and usually shipped within 48 hours on business days. If you are within our delivery area, we have a fleet of delivery trucks that allow us to deliver your materials right to your doorstep. Our delivery area consists of AmeriFence Corporation Wichita, Kansas; AmeriFence Corporation Kansas City, Kansas; AmeriFence Corporation Salina, Kansas; AmeriFence Corporation Madison, Wisconsin; Grand Island, Nebraska; Omaha, Nebraska; Lincoln, Nebraska; Ames, Iowa; Sioux City, Iowa; Iowa City, Iowa; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Des Moines, Iowa; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; and Rochester, Minnesota.

16 Acres of Fence Material Inventory

18 Acres of Inventory
Yes, you read that right. 16 acres of inventory is equal to 12 football fields! We have the largest inventory of fence materials in the Midwest. If one of our locations does not have what you need, you won’t have to wait long. We have our own fleet of inventory trucks that run from store to store each week.

custom fabrication

Custom Fabrication
50,000 square feet of custom fabrication. American Fence Company is the largest custom fence, gate and railing fabricator in the Midwest. Our custom metals operation is championed by a large team of certified welders, in-house engineering and drafting pros. Our custom designed fabrications have been shipped nationwide.

Our in-house vinyl fence fabrication team works with four computerized routers and produces over 700 custom fabricated vinyl fence components. They work to provide vinyl fences free of any field cutting or fabrication. We also have own private label ornamental fence line. Our ornamental fabrication team provides fully assembled, fabricated to fit, ornamental fences.

custom coatings

Custom Coatings
Looking for a unique pearlescent color or patina? Our coatings division offers a wide variety of custom painting and coating options, along with media blasting and other materials prep. We have a state-of-the-art onsite paint facility large enough to paint a fully loaded semi-truck where our talented team of painters make sure everything is done right, down to the smallest of details.

competitive pricing

Competitive Pricing
American Fence Company purchases hundreds of truckloads and train carloads of materials from vendors all around the globe. Our buying power guarantees us the very best pricing and we gladly pass these savings on to our customers.

quality and innovative materials

Quality & Innovative Materials
Great quality materials don’t have to be expensive. We work hard to identify innovative materials that meet our standards while also keeping our pricing extraordinarily competitive. For example, American Fence Company is the only Midwest fence wholesaler that offers a true 5” wide western red cedar fence picket. Why 5” wide? Our nation’s top cedar mill ran into a great deal of high quality cedar that is less than the standard 5 ½” wide board. They discounted this amazing product and will only sell it to three of their customers nationwide. American Fence Company is one of those customers and we pass these savings on to you. This is just one example of our motivation to be innovative and cost competitive while remaining the industry leader in quality.

payment and financing

Payment & Financing
American Fence Company accepts Visa and Mastercard. We also offer 12 months same as cash for customers who want to finance their purchase. Want to set-up an account and pay on terms? Request a credit application.

With 16 acres of inventory, we carry the largest variety of quality products in the Midwest.
We offer the most complete range of fence styles and sizes.

wood fencing

American Fence Company has the largest variety of wood fence products in the industry. We offer a proven and economical white fir fence board that has proven successful for nearly a decade. We offer the very best in Western red cedar pickets at an innovative 5” width. Unique to American Fence Company, our superior incense cedar fence pickets, rails and posts are of the highest quality and are sold at a very competitive price. We also offer the best in treated pine posts in both stained and unstained. Whether you are purchasing by the piece or by the truckload, we are ready to accommodate you.

chain link fencing
vinyl fencing

Chain link
We offer galvanized and colored vinyl coated chain link materials in a wide range of colors and heights by the foot or by the pallet. We offer a complete system of fabric, framework and fittings.

There are hundreds of different vinyl fence styles from ranch rail to privacy with accent. We inventory all of the profiles and have the fabrication facility to produce each one of these styles for you in any available color. You won’t be disappointed.

ornamental fencing
custom metal fencing

American Fence Company recognized that the decision to buy an ornamental fence traditionally came a with a hefty price tag. We wanted to change this perception, so our talented purchasing and engineering team worked with a wide array of manufacturers to private label a top-notch yet affordable ornamental fence line. Our ornamental fence is galvanized and powder coated and comes with a 10-year warranty. We succeeded in our mission to make ornamental fences affordable.

Custom metals
You can find our custom metals products in just about every state in the United States. We are proud to say that we are a premier custom metals fabricator. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind railing, gate or fence, we can fabricate it for you.

commercial fencing

Commercial fencing
American Fence Company is the only DIY commercial fence wholesaler in the Midwest. We have a complete line of galvanized and vinyl coated commercial fence systems. We also have the expertise to help you select and design the right fence for your project.


American Fence Company fabricates almost 10,000 gates every year. Our gates range from the vinyl fence gate in your backyard to the 150’ double drive gate needed to get large planes in and out of an airport. We love a challenge and have not found a gate we cannot build.

access control

Access Control
American Fence Company is the only fence wholesaler with certified access control technicians. Our access control staff supports our sales staff in selecting and designing your access control system. We sell hundreds of gate operators every year and know how to provide access control solutions that meet your needs while keeping others safe.