Shop Chain Link: Your Online Store for Chain Link Fence Materials

As the Midwest’s leading contractor in the fence industry, American Fence Company is constantly growing in itinerary, services, and arsenal. In addition to leading national markets for fence design and installation, we’ve established divisions specializing in architectural screening (PalmSHIELD), automated gates and access control (American Access Company), temporary fencing (American Fence Rental), play areas (American Playground Company), residential and commercial gates (America’s Gate Company), and unique metal products (Patriot Custom Metals). Not to mention we possess the Midwest’s largest, most comprehensive fence materials arsenal—more than eighteen acres of chain link, vinyl, wood, and ornamental iron. All available for purchase through our online fence store. And now we have a platform that’ll be your go-to venue for chain link fence projects.

Shop Chain Link is the ultimate online platform for chain link fence supplies. Easy to navigate, selling affordable products, and sporting excellent policies on packaging, shipping, returns, and warranty. Upon opening the homepage, you’ll find a top menu pointing you in the direction of what you need to buy. The chain link fence materials come in two distinct categories: galvanized fittings and vinyl coated fittings. In opening each page, you’ll find item categories such as post caps, tension bands, wire ties, hinges, end rail clamps, and—of course—chain link fabric. Each category is headed by an image of the items. So even if you don’t know the name of your needed product, you’ll find it right away.

All of Shop Chain Link’s galvanized and vinyl-coated products have common advantages. Besides their great strength, they’re resistant to rust and corrosion. This is essential, as the overwhelming majority of fences exist in outdoor settings and are subject to Mother Nature’s whims. What’s more, these are the kind of fences that most people feel safe coming in contact with. Sports fans cling to them when cheering on their favorite teams; and kids love clambering up and down the mesh. A fence that’s overcome with rust presents potential health hazards ranging from bruises to cuts—both of which require tetanus shots. Not to mention a rusty fence is more prone to breaking—such as when someone’s child clambers on the infill.

The last thing you want as a property owner is liability for injuries. A fence that won’t rot after years of exposure to rain, dew, ice, and snow reduces the likelihood of accidents.

Shop Chain Link also has a page labeled the Bargain Cave, where you score deals on unique items—including brown chain link fence parts! Also available from the vinyl coated fittings section, these very much resemble their black vinyl coated counterparts. A different color, but just as strong and rust-resistant! You can also find useful fence-building accessories, such as vinyl adhesive, under the Accessories page! Want to learn more about building chain link fences? Shop Chain Link has a Fence Resources section, with numerous helpful articles—written by industry professionals—covering everything from preparation to construction. In short, if you’re looking to buy or learn about chain link fence materials, Shop Chain Link is your place to go!