Choosing and Working with the Best Fence Company in Rapid City

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A professionally crafted fencing project requires the ideal fence company: one that stresses training and commitment to quality. The number of fencing services available must be taken into account when hunting down a contractor worthy of your time and money. For customers in the Rapid City area, there is no superior choice than American Fence Company’s Rapid City branch. This branch, our fourteenth and latest, serves South Dakota communities such as Sturgis, Spearfish, and Bell Fourche. The service area also includes North Dakota cities such as Williston and Dickinson; in Montana: Glendive, Miles City, and Billings; in Wyoming: Laramie, Buffalo, and Cheyenne.

But what makes us the top fence contractor in the Rapid City area? In this overview, we will explore the value different fences provide in different settings and explicate the exemplary services offered by American Fence Company of Rapid City.


Different Fence Types for Different Situations

Let’s talk about the various barrier types available at American Fence Company and what environments each is best suited to. Residential properties benefit from the aesthetic appeal provided by vinyl fences. PVC is a naturally elegant material and completely waterproof, requiring none of the regular staining upkeep necessary for wood barriers. For pet owners, the visual seclusion and containment offered by privacy fences (available in wood and vinyl) prevent a great deal of stress and headaches. Not only are pets prevented from leaving the yard, in many cases they cannot even see distractions outside your property. They can also roam the property without being chained or constantly supervised.

Chain link fencing, with their diamond-shaped metal weaves, strikes a balance between security and convenience, making it a popular choice for businesses. High-security installations, featuring razor sharp wire and vehicle restraint systems, are imperative for police substations, military bases, and data centers. American Fence Company of Rapid City serves all these clients and more. With that said, let us take a minute to elaborate on their various services we offer. Which include fence installation, repair, maintenance, and the sale of high-quality materials.

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Fence Installation in Rapid City

Fence installation in Rapid City, South Dakota is only as good as the personnel behind it. American Fence Company employs professional installers whose expertise is matched only by their dedication to customer satisfaction. Before tackling their first project, our team undergoes a rigorous in-house eighteen-session educational program. Through this, they learn the ins and outs of how to build each and every fence type we offer:

  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Chain Link
  • Ornamental
  • Custom Ornamental
  • Sports
  • High Security

Our Rapid City branch also maintains an expansive inventory covering a wide range of materials, including vinyl, wood, chain link, ornamental, and high-security options. By purchasing materials at lower prices, the company can convert reduced costs into savings to customers.

Fence Repair and Maintenance Services in Rapid City

In addition to installation, American Fence Company specializes in fence repair and maintenance. Whether the fence in question was originally installed by the company or not, our installers’ comprehensive training ensures they can restore fences of all types. The same level of expertise extends to fence and gate maintenance. When you work with American Fence Company of Rapid City, your investment pays off with high-quality service.

Fence Materials for Sale

American Fence Company’s commitment to quality extends to the many acres of fence materials available for sale. With an eighteen-acre inventory that includes posts, rails, chain link infill, barbed wire, caps, fittings, and more, American Fence Company serves as a one-stop shop for all fencing needs in Rapid City. These materials, sourced for their installation and repair projects, are also available at wholesale prices.

Online Shopping Experience

Recognizing the growing trend of online shopping, American Fence Company of Rapid City employs an interactive fence drawing tool to simplify the process of ordering fence materials. This innovative tool allows users to draw the outline of their fence on either a blank canvas or an overhead vie of their land via Google Maps. The tool uses the drawing to calculate the needed fence parts and conveniently deposits them into the user’s cart.

Rapid City’s online store further streamlines the shopping experience by offering two convenient options: in-person pickup at the branch location (2520 Dane Ln., Rapid City, SD 57701) or direct shipping.

In conclusion, the choice of a fence company in Rapid City, SD involves meticulous consideration of the diverse functions of fences and the specific requirements of your project. American Fence Company of Rapid City stands out as a premier provider, offering a comprehensive range of services from installation to repair, maintenance, and the sale of top-quality fence materials. With a commitment to professionalism, expertise, and cost-effective solutions, this company has established itself as a leader in the fencing industry in South Dakota. Whether you are a homeowner looking to enhance your property or a commercial entity requiring high-security installations, American Fence Company is ready to meet your fencing needs with excellence and reliability.