Core Values

Our core values are ingrained in our history and leadership culture. Through sharing these core values with our employees and customers we continue to build upon that culture.

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Executing what is necessary for our people to be safe, to be successful, and to feel successful. We strive to guarantee success for the customer and every individual employed at our company. Our commitment to guaranteed success is present in every facet of our business: our education programs, improve install initiative, retention plan, enhanced CRM development, estimating, Apollo 13, and so on.


Building processes to be the foundation of support in guaranteeing our people’s success. We recognize we are an organization of diversified professionals spread out and siloed into individual business units, challenging us with assuring everyone attains their goals. These processes are a critical component of our business.


Accountability creates a community. We appreciate our responsibility to one another, the organization, and our customers. Through accountability comes a commitment to do everything possible to support all. We have created an organization built on processes that hold us accountable.


Figure out what really makes a difference to the organization and its people and then focus on solving problems. We believe in having the courage, humility, and tenacity to truly figure out how we affect change and truly make a difference.


Looking for opportunities where we can innovate and capitalize on growing our business. Being innovative, embracing risk, and having a growth mindset is our culture and is self-evident throughout our organization and divisions.


We are the gold standard in our industry. Through our education, processes, and the success of our people, we are recognized as professionals within the industry. The very best of the best. Customers seek us out for this reason.

Guaranteed success for our people, our customers, and the organization is at the heart of our business. We achieve success through solving real problems, creating sustainable processes, and holding ourselves accountable. This success creates a community of professionals capable of innovation and growth. Todd LaVigne Owner/CEO