Why Western Red Cedar IS the PREMIER CHOICE for your wood fence.

Why Western Red Cedar IS the PREMIER CHOICE for your wood fence.


Your home is the investment that brings safety and security to you and your family.  A good fence is one that enhances your outdoor living space while providing boundary and backdrop to your home’s environment.  A good fence will provide years of protection and beauty.  Many have said that “Good fences make good neighbors too.”

Western Red Cedar has been the preferred choice in wood fence design for decades.  A naturally durable choice,   Western Red Cedar has many attributes that make it well suited for outdoor living, including:

  • Western Red Cedar is stable, stays flat, and performs in fencing better
  • The natural resins, or tannins in the wood, help resist mildew and insects
  • Western Red Cedar has a knotty structure that’s especially well suited for fencing
  • The boards are textured and graded on both faces for uniform and even performance
  • A properly installed Western Red Cedar fence should last 20 years.


Today, most of the forests that are the source for your cedar fencing were once cut by your grandparents’ generation, and represent the natural re-growth that  has made Western Red Cedar self-sustaining.

It’s a hardy species;  one that regenerates naturally and does not need to be replanted after logging.  Good forestry practices today ensure that we’ll have more trees tomorrow;   for our children and their children too.


I’ve been supplying  wood products to builders and homeowners for 30+ years now, and have provided many different wood species, including redwood, fir and pine.  Western Red Cedar has changed a bit over the decades, as the harvest has moved towards  sustainable forests and forestry  practices.  It still remains a good choice;  a practical one, a sustainable one, an attractive one, and a durable one. You’ll do well to make Western Red Cedar the fencing choice for yours.