American Fence Company partners with AFTEC for ultimate security

Cantilever high security gate at a substation entranceElectrical substations rest both within the interior of our largest communities and in the vastness of the open prairies.  Little is known about how this erector set of materials functions and the purpose each station performs.  Electrical substations do not generate power.  These substations divvy-up power made by coal burning facilities, nuclear reactors, wind farms, etc.  What makes these facilities so valuable is these substations are the brokers of our nation’s electrical grid.  These energy depots decide where electricity is driven.

Many of these substations are considered tier one stations.  This designation means the station is critical to our nation’s power grid.  As valuable as these energy assets are to our nation’s day to day operations; these sites are even more impacting to our nation’s security.  Imagine what it would be like to shut down our cities and military facilities’ electricity.  Back-up generators would surely kick-in on critical military assets, but for how long?  What about the interruptions?

Substation fence for extra security and to block excess sound

It must be one of our nation’s highest priorities to protect these facilities.  To achieve this priority, we must quickly move forward in re-engineering our perimeter security.

American Fence Company has successfully completed installing high security perimeter defense fences on substations, data centers, law enforcement headquarters, airports, etc. With the growing need for not just security but aesthetics, American Fence Company wants to capitalize on opportunities to bring other methods of security and image to substations across the Midwest.

Substation fence made to look like stacked rocksIn April of 2013, the Metcalf Substation in San Jose, California was attacked by a gunman with a high powered rifle (see article). He took out 17 transformers and caused over $15 million in damages. Some residences were left without power for weeks.  Many figured this was a terrorist attack. This is just one example of a successful threat to our nation’s power grid.  There are hundreds of documented attacks on our Nation’s substations. Over a mile of AFTEC’s StoneTree® Wall design was installed at the Metcalf Substation in heights of 12ft. and 16ft. high wall to protect line of sight of critical infrastructure.

AFTEC provides an advanced solid precast concrete wall system that has been installed on numerous substations across the country. AFTEC created a solution that is not only aesthetically superior to chain link fence, but provides much more security as well as better noise reduction.

AFTEC has two distinct products: The StoneTree® System provides an integrated column and panel wall design that can be built to height of 16ft. All StoneTree® Walls are vertically cast and provide a highly defined formed texture on both sides of the wall. StoneTree® Walls also function as reflective noise barriers. The SoundTec™ wall system is made up of wall panels that can be built to the customer’s desired height. These panels are supported by either steel or concrete columns and are available with texture on one or both sides. SoundTec™ Walls function as reflective and/or absorptive noise walls.

Stacked substation wall surrounded by a green landscape

AFTEC also manufactures its own equipment and is firmly positioned to produce custom forms for any design-build project. Working with a highly specialized and qualified team of innovators, AFTEC will value engineer new forming system requests to supply the most efficient and functional systems available. Through dedication and focus, AFTEC is recognized as an accomplished security provider and is willing and ready to explore any opportunity that is deemed to be buildable and viable in the construction industry.”

Stacked stone substation wall surrounding a power facilityAFTEC does not have much of a presence in the markets American Fence Company represents, which is why a call to Dennis Kleinman, the Sales Director at AFTEC, was made. Mr. Kleinman explained to us that they have an interest in subcontracting jobs where there is a market presence. Mr. Kleinman alluded to the competitive pricing with StoneTree® and SoundTec™ in comparison to standard block walls.

Moving forward, American Fence Company will actively search for opportunities to install AFTEC’s products for any concrete wall panel requirements and specifications, that do not conflict with any existing AFTEC producers areas. American Fence Company is constantly looking to expand our product capabilities.

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