America’s Gate Company: The Midwest’s Top Source for High-Quality Gates

If you need high-quality residential or commercial gates, look no further than American Fence Company’s renowned gate division, American Gate Company. AGC is the Midwest’s #1 gate contractor, installing more than one thousand slide gates and four thousand swing gates on an annual basis. Whether you’re an airport needing a 150-foot slide gate for runway security or a homeowner desiring an old-fashioned driveway swing gate, our team of expert designers and installers have all the materials and expertise to make your vision a reality.

  1. What makes America’s Gate Company unique?
  2. Custom designed gates
  3. The Midwest’s choice cantilevered slide gate
  4. Gate performance characteristics

What Makes America’s Gate Company Unique?

America’s Gate Company operates ten fabrication facilities across the Midwest and employs between them dozens of computer-aided designers and AWS D1.1 & AWS D1.2 certified welders. A vast quantity of industry-specific equipment and expertise means we’re able to fashion whatever type of residential/commercial gate you dream up. Over the decades, America’s Gate Company has served thousands of homeowners and businesses, including famous attractions such as Disney World and Hershey Park! We also service military bases, data centers, airports, and power plants—a measure of the trust clients place in our high-security installations.

Custom Designed Gates

While there are many gate manufacturers and custom metal shops nationwide, America’s Gate Company is the only national customs metal manufacturer. Equally committed to quality and customer satisfaction, we follow time-tested structural principles when custom designing your gate.

Custom Design Automatic Cantilever Slide Gate

The Midwest’s Choice Cantilevered Slide Gate

Of all the engineered gates on the market, slide gates remain the most widely requested. These barriers encompass a broad spectrum of designs, including rolling gates with V-groove bottom rollers and overhead slide gates. However, the cantilever gate is the most widely specified type for areas hindered by snow and ice. Cantilever gates support their counterbalance section using stationary rollers, keeping the gate opening cantilevered and extended through the opening.

America’s Gate Company specializes in cantilevered slide gates of many brands (Citadel, Bastion, and Allure) suited for commercial, industrial, and ornamental settings. Our gates have been rigorously and thoroughly tested for use in all-weather applications.

Gate Performance Characteristics

So what are the gate characteristics that make the barriers designed, fabricated, and installed by America’s Gate Company so efficient and renowned?

  1. Openings. Our highly trained staff designs and manufactures gates exceeding one hundred feet.
  2. Height. Endless options on gate heights.
  3. Weight. In most cases, the weight of a chain link or ornamental slide gate is determined within the engineered design. More challenging are the custom ornamental gates featuring unique sheet steel designs. We engineer the structural design and truss system of each gate according to added weight.
  4. Infill. While slide gate designs are similar in terms of supporting the gate through the opening, the infill is what makes each product unique. Here at America’s Gate Company, we offer an assortment of infill options including chain link, vertical pickets, welded wire mesh, and plasma cut sheet steel.
  5. Engineering. Once your gate’s height, weight, infill, and opening have been determined, our team will engineer the design to support cantilevered swing or slide gates. America’s Gate Company advocates wheel-free gates, meaning the product should rely solely on hinge points or rollers.
  6. Finish. All gates engineered by America’s Gate Company receive pre-coated treatment, the type of which varies from chemical to media blasting. Our finish coatings also vary, ranging from powder coating to the HVLP painting process. We offer a 20-year limited warranty on all coating processes.
  7. Material composition. For lighter weight and extra durability, our products are fabricated from aluminum alloy extrusions.