Introducing Aria Louvers

The newest PalmSHIELD design, the Aria horizontal louvers, are genius! Albert Einstein famously said: “Genius is making the complex ideas simple, not making the simple ideas complex.” PalmSHIELD has made him proud with the simplicity of the Aria horizontal louvers. The selection of architectural screening has also been simplified with the new Aria louvers. The Aria horizontal louvers are:

  • Budget friendly. The new Aria louvers are the most cost effective louvered solution available.
  • Simplistic. There are no fasteners, screws or bolts necessary for this product. The Aria louvers only require 4 components making this the most simplistic louvered screen on the market.
  • Installer friendly. After setting the posts, there are no tools required to completely install the Aria louvers.
  • Flexible. The Aria louvers are completely field assembled, so the post spacing may vary as needed and the louvers can adjust for existing slopes. Aria is the perfect option for rooftop screening solutions.
  • Sleek. The post and louver Aria design is very clean. There are no visible rivets, tabs, fasteners or other materials outside of the posts and louvers. This architectural screening product is designed to look clean and simple.

Customers can expect to receive posts, louvers, post inserts and caps broken down and ready to be assembled. Nothing more is required for this fast and easy installation process.

  • The Aria louvers will arrive unassembled, packaged and labeled per your PalmSHIELD shop drawings.
  • First, you will set your pre-routed posts per the provided drawings. The drawings provided by PalmSHIELD detail the installation of the posts and louvers.
  • Second, you will layout your packages of louvers for each bay. Each group of louvers is packaged separately and labeled per the provided layout drawings.
  • Next, it is time to assemble your panels by easily sliding each louver into the slotted posts. The slots are milled with precision and engineered to be easily slid into the posts. Each louver will fit perfectly into the slots with minimal gaps.
  • Standard panels are fully assembled in under ten minutes. We’ve tested and re-tested this product to ensure a speedy installation.
  • Once a section is assembled, slide the included post spacer into the post and place the cap on. Post spacers are specially fabricated to easily slide down the post in order to keep the louvers in place.
  • That’s it! Move on to the next panel for the same process. Ten panels can be installed in under one hour.

This is PalmSHIELD’s most clever design to date. The Aria louvers takes the complex and creates real simplicity. Our unique design uses opposing routed slots that are a few degrees offset in opposite directions. This adds just enough pressure to the louvers preventing the louvers from rattling or moving.

The pre-cut post spacers slide effortlessly into the posts. The spacers not only keep the louvers from moving side to side but also prevent the louvers from being removed. These post spacers are installed in mere seconds.

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication” – Leonardo Da Vinci. PalmSHIELD has achieved a sophisticated, yet simple design with the Aria horizontal louvers.