PalmSHIELD’s Opaque Laser Cut Metal Panels

In its mission to provide the best architectural screens on the market, our sister division PalmSHIELD regularly designs new types of custom-friendly laser cut metal panels. Combining beauty with durability, their handiwork remains a favorite of architects, engineers, and homeowners nationwide. Whether it’s for obscuring rooftop equipment, eyesore installations such as dumpsters and propane tanks, or simply to provide some elegance to a garden path, these professionally fabricated panels will get the job done—while complementing the nearby building exterior. PalmSHIELD has introduced several unique decorative laser cut metal panels, one of the most recent being opaque laser cut panels.


What’s unique about PalmSHIELD‘s laser cut metal panels?

Before we get into the specifics of PalmSHIELD’s opaque panels, let’s discuss the specific benefits of laser cut panels for architectural and mechanical equipment screening. Our staff is fully aware that the look of a product—especially compared to its eventual surroundings—plays a huge factor in how well it’ll suit your needs. For this reason, many customers look for architectural screening manufacturers that specialize in custom design; and to answer this need, PalmSHIELD utilizes state of the art technology to fabricate panels according to the specific requirements of the individual client.

Do you have a design picked out in advance—one featuring logos, patterns, or specific color schemes? Simply submit it to our expert design staff and they’ll verify the appearance of the final product with you before fabrication actually begins. Not sure how you want your panels to look? Our staff can work with you directly, discuss ideas, and—again—receive your approval on a design before the panels are made.

What’s special about opaque laser cut metal panels?

Adding a second color to your architectural screening enhances curb appeal and makes it easier to blend the product into surrounding aesthetics. For this reason, PalmSHIELD has gone the extra mile with these opaque decorative laser cut metal panels, incorporating a solid colored sheet behind the panels’ outer frames, the color remaining visible through the laser-made gaps in the metal. The colors of both the frame and the inner sheet are up to you. Tell us what you’re envisioning and our expert fabrication team will incorporate them!

How can I use opaque laser cut metal panels?

When used for mechanical equipment screens, these panels are frequently enclosed around propane tanks, HVACs, rooftop equipment, generators, and transformers. The basic idea is to guise said fixtures from public view without obstructing their functionality. However, these laser cut panels are more commonly purchased by architects needing to obscure certain fixtures while matching nearby building aesthetics. The designs incorporated into the panels can match pre-existing logos, symbols, and color schemes; this makes them efficient for schools and community buildings. Opaque laser cut screening is also useful for enclosing pools, hot tubs, courtyards, etc. For more scenic areas such as these, you don’t want to settle for generic gray panels; the color needs to be elegant and inviting. Our state of the art equipment and team of highly trained professionals are able to accomplish all of that and more!